Monday, December 22, 2008

Pav for Pav Bhaji

I wanted to bake a bread since a long time. So finally bought a packet of dry yeast. I was very scared to venture into bread baking so I kept on postponing the idea. One final day I made up my mind to bake it and zeroed on Chef Sanjay Thumma's pav recipe.
I followed his instructions carefully but was still very skeptical about it as I had planned to make Pav bhaji and our dinner was dependent on the success of my pav. But it turned to be better than expected.

As I used dry yeast instead of Rapidrise I waited for 10 min for the yeast to become active.

Then I followed his recipe as it is. I added a little less water than mentioned as my dough was already too sticky.

After resting for an hr.

I gave it a milk wash instead of egg and baked for about 40 min. I could make 13 pavs and 1 loaf from the dough.
Added some dry parsley, chilli flakes and pepper powder to the loaf and some sesame seeds to the pav just before baking.

Before baking.

Baked for 40 mins at 350 deg F.

After baking

The resulting pav was just like store brought ones and very soft on the inside.
My only problem was the crust which became a little hard. May be I should have added the entire quantity of water or given an egg wash instead.
All in all a great experience in bread making. S was very much suprised to see a home-made bread.
Thanks Vah Chef for the step by step instructions. You made my day.

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  1. made Pav at looks just like store bought ones..will try your recipe..making a loaf of bread is my baking dream!!