Thursday, March 19, 2009

Corn Pizza

Seeing the variety of pizzas in the blogosphere I wanted to try my hand at a corn pizza.
I just followed my Pizza recipe for the dough and replaced ½ a cup all purpose flour with corn flour.
I used plain Heinz tomato ketchup instead of the homemade pizza sauce and used the same toppings as before, in addition I also used some chopped broccoli. The pizza tasted great but became a little dry at the base.


  1. Looks so good, never tried Pizza with corn. Good job! :)

  2. Thanks Asha it tasted like the regular pizza. There was just a hint of corn flavor.

  3. Looks yummy & delicious.. nice colour..great click..

  4. Hi,
    Been to ur blog many times but as silent reader.You have a good blog.
    The pizza looks appetizing...shd try with corn flour.

  5. wow, Namratha the pizza looks superb. Finishing looks so prof. corn flour addition seems an interesting addition. A thumbs up for u for the yummy corn pizza.

  6. Thanks girls for motivating me through your lovely comments.