Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hey Friends I'm back

Hi Friends...I'm back. I haven't disappeared from the blogosphere I just took a small break from blogging as I had no other option. I know its been quite long since I blogged any recipe. The reason for my absence is that we have moved back to Mumbai as my hubby's project assignment was over. Last few days have been very hectic for us. Now things have settled a bit. I am not sure if I will be able to continue blogging as before but I will try my best. Recently when I tried to put a post blogger was giving me some errors while putting pictures. Hopefully I will find out a solution soon.
Thanks for all your concerns and sweet comments my dear blogger friends and sorry for not being able to comment on your posts since the last few days.
Happy Blogging.


  1. Hope you settled down well there, must be lot of work. Take care and come back when you can. Hugs! :))

  2. Hi Namratha,
    Am so so glad to hear from you:)
    Oh! u too? actually from the last few days I too am finding it hard to upload pictures...neways glad to know u r back home. deary,take ur time and settle down but don't forget to visit ur foodie blogger friends, and ofcourse post recipes for us. Hope to see u around more often!