Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bread Halwa

This is a simple and tasty dessert also known by the name "Double Ka Meetha". I tasted this for the first time when my friend Nandini brought this for us. And I couldn't imagine that it was made from bread. This recipe belongs to her and needs a small quantity of ghee in contrast to the deep frying method which is usually followed for making this. My picture doesn't do justice to this yummy dessert. I will update it the next time I make it.

Bread slices - 3, cut into small pieces
Ghee - 1 1/2 tbsp
Sugar - 8 heaped tsp
Water - 3/4 cup
Milk - 2 tbsp
Nuts - cashews, almonds, raisins
Cardamom Powder - pinch (optional)

Make a sugar syrup with the above quantities. The syrup should be of one string consistency but I heated it only till it was sticky.
In a pan(preferably a flat one) heat ghee and roast the nuts. Remove and keep aside. In the same ghee roast the bread slices on a low flame till golden. Then add the sugar syrup. Do not stir. In the mean while boil the milk. When the sugar syrup gets absorbed add the milk, cardamom powder and nuts. Mix it slowly. Preferably serve hot.


  1. Hi Namratha,

    I totally agree with you...that pics sometimes don't do justice to the fab. taste of certain dishes :) am sure most of the cookers...er ...lol cooks/homemakers would've experienced the same. BTW bread halwa sounds interesting am sure it'd taste great too!!
    vanilla essence ghlyedve hantu, ealichi powdera badal?

  2. Suparna I am not a good photographer and I dont know the tricks to get a good picture. Hopefully I'll learn someday....Hehe. I think you can use vanilla essence in place of elaichi powder. Will try that replacement next time i make this. Do give this a try. Ruchi jatta ye'.

  3. Bread halwa sounds interesting and yum,I regularly feel that way about all of my pics that the picture does not do justice to the dish:-)

  4. Looks yummy.. I did not know that this was double ka meetha.. I always thought it was Shahi tukda.. There is so much to learn from blogs.. I have never tried making sweets with bread..though when I was kid I had bread ka jamun..Unfortunately I do not remember how it was made :)

  5. Ujwal
    I don't know for sure but my friend mentioned both the names. Actually when I tasted it I felt a slight resemblance with gulab jamun. I may sound silly here. Yes blogging teaches us lot many things.
    Your pics are great you dont have to worry about it. Keep blogging.

  6. Glad I got in today, couldn't get in y'day, tried several times!

    My friend once bought Bread pudding, or double Meetha to college once, it was so yum. Looks great Namu, good one! :))

  7. Hey Namratha, great looking halwa, I have never tried this at home before. Even am confused with double ka meetha and shahi tukda now, will have to google :D..Hey, most of the times, am not able to comment here, I guess some settings.

  8. Yum bread halwa easy and tasty dessert.Never ever tasted shahi tukda or double ka meetha but heard that it a great dessert.
    I am surely going to try this one.My son will love it and all the ingredients are always handy.

  9. bread halwa looks deleciousss namratha

  10. When we were kids my mom made a bit simpler version of it, just fried slices in sugar syrup, n we did relished it a lot.
    Few days back only i also did made double ka meetha n posted in my blog. do check out..

  11. Thanks for the lovely comments girls.

  12. Hi Namratha,
    It's been a long time! wassup? busy asve? mast divas zalle mhonu I was remembering u the other day. kalai post kari nave! missing ur posts.

  13. Hi Namrata

    U said 2 tbl spoons milk is sufficient for this recipe . Is it really? becoz i heard one or two cups boiled thick milk should be poured on slices.And even i tried but had the milk taste only. But when u mentioned only 2 spoons felt happy . But pls confirm it :)

  14. Hi Padma
    Thanks for dropping by.
    This recipe may be different from the usual recipes for Bread Halwa. I have used the proportions given to me by my friend. For the quantities of the rest of the ingredients mentioned 2 tbsp milk would suffice as we are already using sugar syrup. Excess milk would make it soggy.

  15. cool....nice recipe ..thank for posting