Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This recipe was given to me by my friend S during one of our chat sessions. S and i met in a party here in US and since then we have chatted a few times. During one such session about 6 months after we first met we were surprised to know that we worked in the same company on the same floor while in India. The world is a small place afterall. Anyways coming back to the recipe S praised this recipe so much that I had to try this. After postponing it for many days I finally made it on our anniversary. It turned out very delicious. I also added some home-made anguri the next day and changed it to Anguri Basundi.
This happens to be my 50th post and I wanted to announce it with a sweet dish. I hope I can post many more recipes and learn many new ones on this endless journey of blogging.

I used half of the quantities mentioned in the original recipe and have changed the proportions slightly.

What I used :
2% Milk - 1 1/2 cups (3 cups As per Original recipe)
Half and Half - 1 Pint (3 cups As per Original recipe)
Heavy Cream - 1/2 pint (400 ml As per Original recipe)
Sugar - 1/2 cup (1 cup As per Original recipe)
Cashews and Almonds - coarsely powdered/ sliced
Cardamom Pdr

In a pan with a heavy bottom or a cooker boil the milk and half and half. Once it boils add the Cream. Again bring this to a boil, reduce the flame and continue heating till the mixture reduces to half its original volume. This may take some time. Keep stirring in between to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. When the milk has reduced to half the quantity the colour changes to pinkish. Now add the sugar and continue boiling till the sugar gets dissolved. Finally add the nuts and cardamom powder and relish it just like that or with anguri.
To make Anguri I followed my rasmalai recipe but made the malai balls very small(1 cm in diameter) and did not flatten them. Then added them to the basundi.

Tastes best after refrigerating for a day or two.
Thanks S for the recipe.


  1. That dessert is always delicious, however you make it. YUMMY!! Happy 50th post, enjoy blogging! :)

  2. The basundi looks rich and creamy...congrats on your 50th post, looking forward to many more yum posts :-)

  3. Nothing like basundi/rasmalai to make my day!

  4. Hi Namratha, I truly appreciate your milk based recipes rasmalai and basundi. Both look damn tempting and too perfect! I actually keep away from recipes which require condensing milk...as am a little too scared of milk getting spoilt.
    Ek pantha try kornu poloka :)
    BTW...congos!! on your 50th post.
    Belated anniversay wishes too!!

  5. DK
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love these kind of sweets.

    Even I dont like the condensing part of these sweets. It takes a long time but is worth the effort. Try kornu pale. U will like it.

  6. Happy Anniversary and congrats on your 50th post Namrata. Basundi looks delicious, I love it.

  7. About ur question on butter red potatoes, sorry to be replying so late, but they taste like normal red potatoes I thought.

  8. My DH loves basundi.I make it with condense milk quick and easy.Your recipe looks great.

  9. Thanks Maya for the wishes and your reply.

    Ankita, would love to see a Basundi post from you soon.

  10. Hey Namratha...I prepared basundhi today & it came out so well,my children & husband loved it.Thanks for this great receipe.