Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Egg in the Hole

When people ask me if I am a veg./non-veg. i dont know what to answer. Eggs are still a controversial topic. Some believe them to be veg and some don't. I prefer saying that I am an Eggetarian but still have blank faces starring at me. Not sure if such a word exists. I guess it should be Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian but then that would be even more complicated for a layman to understand.

My egg consumption has increased after marriage and particularly after coming to US. Previously it used to be 1-2 eggs a year and now its 1-2 eggs a week. I always keep some eggs handy.
Egg in the hole/Egg in the basket refers to an egg which is fried in the hole of a bread. I came across this dish many months back while browsing the web. Since then I have made it many a times as it doesn't require any advance planning. I mostly make this as an evening snack. This is just my way of making them.


Bread slices (White or Brown)
Eggs - 1 per slice
Pepper Powder
Chilli Powder
Tomato Ketchup and Sriracha Chili Sauce - for serving

With the help of a cookie cutter or glass, make a hole in the bread slice. The hole should be big enough to accommodate an entire egg but the bread should still be intact.
Heat a non-stick pan. Add little oil or butter. Now place the bread on it. Break an entire egg directly into the hole. Cook this on a very low flame. Also fry the hole of the bread.

Sprinkle salt,pepper powder and chili powder.
Once it is fried from below drizzle some oil on top and slowly flip it. Add the spice powders. Fry this side also. Keep flipping till it is well cooked. Enjoy with ketchup.

Note: To check if it is cooked from within insert a knife in the center. If it is gooey cook for some more time. You can also leave it a little raw as per your choice.


  1. Eggetarian is a great word and eggs are great for you too. When eggs pop out of a chicken, it's not a vegetable! That's how I feel! Forget about that Ovo-lacto stuff! :D

    Lovely looking breakfast, isn't it yummy? I would serve it to my kids any day. Eat and have fun!:)

  2. Namu, about the grated radish, put it in a cheese cloth and squeeze from the top, so you don't have to touch the radish! :)

  3. Have never had this, sounds interesting...

  4. Hi Namratha,
    This is a cute little's kinda entertaining :)


  5. very nice I had seen it on Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana...

  6. Asha
    Thanks for the tip on squeezing. I always get some nice tips from you.

    Usha, Suparna
    Give it a try, its so easy.

    I was a great fan of Sanjeev Kapoor. I never used to miss his Khana Khazana. But since the last 2 years I never got to see even a single episode :(

  7. This one a cute, n simple recipe.. i think kids would love it..