Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

The year 2008 is very special to me and my blog as this is the year my tiny lil' blog came into this vast blog world. Cooking isn't my new found passion. I have loved cooking from my college days. But i have never cooked a full fledged meal. Before my marriage my encounters with this art were limited to deep frying and making punjabi curries that too only during the weekends. Amma used to do all the cooking. After marriage I used to help mummy in the kitchen but then too she was the one who did majority of the cooking. After I came to US, it was the time I actually started cooking an entire meal. Though I was comfortable making lunch and dinner, breakfast was something that I wasn't so confident about. But slowly I gained confidence. Except for once or twice the rest of the times my dishes turned out quite good or atleast edible.
Then while searching for some recipes I came across blogs. A year ago I wasn't aware of what a blog meant and today I have my own blog.
A variety of items are available in US which motivates you to try dishes which you never thought can be made at home. I couldn't believe that I could bake a cake and pav(bread) at home.
My cooking experience in 2008 was very good and I plan to try out and blog many more recipes in 2009 and also participate in as many blog events as I can.

I wish everyone in this blogosphere a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May this year bring health, wealth and happiness to you and may you post many more recipes in your blog.

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  1. Happy New year to u too Namrata..First time here and liked ur blog..