Friday, January 23, 2009


I had some leftover boiled kabuli channa after making Chole and I was in no mood to eat Chole the next day as well. Suddenly the idea of making hummus struck me. When I searched for the recipe I found that to make hummus you require tahini.
I didn't have tahini instead I added some sesame seeds. My silly experiment became sucessful and my hubby liked it a lot.

To make my modified hummus :
Blend 1 cup of boiled chickpeas with 1 tbsp of sesame seeds, little paprika, salt, 1 clove of garlic and some lemon juice. Add little water if needed.
Serve as a dip with nachos or chips.

Note: The original recipe has Olive oil also. As I did not have it I haven't added it.

I am sending this to JFI: Chickpeas event and also to Chutney/Dip Mania event


  1. Tahini is a jar of sesame seeds paste really, so you did a great job there. Beautiful photo, good dip for Super Bowl party with Tortilla or Bagel chips! :))

    Send it to Ramya's Chuney/dip Mania.

  2. Thanks Asha for informing me about the event.

  3. looks delicious!! thanx for sending it across to the chutney/dip mania!

  4. Hi,
    Hummus is a classic recipe for chickpeas. Thanks for sending this in to JFI Chickpeas!