Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Veggie Burger

I am not very fond of burgers for reasons not known to me so I have never ordered a burger for myself while in India. But after coming to US i wasn't left with too many vegetarian options and I had to order it once or twice. But it was quite bad or may be I was just not used to eating it.
But when I saw it on Sailaja's blog I couldn't resist myself from trying it. I brought the lettuce and bread crumbs specially for making this burger. I followed all her steps except one. Sailaja had baked the potatoes in a microwave and pressure cooked the other veggies.
But I boiled potato cubes with the rest of the veggies so I couldn't squeeze much water out of the veggies which was an important step. So when I tried to make patties they were a little more soft and difficult to handle. However I managed to make the patties. I did not add any Ranch Sauce as i didn't have it. I just added some red chilli sauce with tomato ketchup and I loved this burger of mine.
I refrigerated the remaining veggie mixture and made burgers the next day also and this time the mixture wasn't that soft and i could shape it into patties easily.

I plan to make more burgers in future but am still hesitant to try it again in a restaurant. This time i had deep fried the patties but the next time I will shallow fry it.
Thanks Sailaja for your lovely recipe and your step by step illustrations which changed my attitude towards this food to a certain extent.

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