Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tila Undo (Sesame Ladoo)

Til Gud Ghya Godd Godd Bola.
Happy Makar Sankranti to fellow bloggers.

Til laddoos happen to be my second favorite after Churma Undo (Wheat Four Ladoos). But I only prefer the ones which have the right amount of stiffness. I myself have no experience in making these ladoos so the next thing was to log in Aayi's recipes. It happens to be the first site that I look for any recipe. Luckily I got the recipe.
I followed Shilpa's recipe but used only half the quantity of the original recipe as I usually do when I fear that I may mess it up. But to my surprise I got perfect Til laadoos. They were neither too soft nor rock hard. Just perfect.


White Til (Sesame) - 1/2 cup
Cashewnuts - 1 tbsp roasted and coarsely powdered (optional)
Jaggery - 1/3 cup (1/4 cup according to original recipe)
Cardamom Powder

Wash Til well. Drain all water and spread the til on a kitchen paper and let it dry for 15-20 mins. Then fry the til on a medium flame till they pop up and lend a nice aroma. Keep aside.
In another pan take the Jaggery and add 2 tbsp of water and put it on a medium flame. Keep stirring.
Take some water in a plate and put a drop of melted jaggery in the water. If it stays as a drop then the jaggery is ready. (If not heat for some more time.)
Now add the roasted til ,cashew nuts and cardamom powder. Switch off flame and mix well.
Take a big spoonful of the mixture on a plate and keep the remaining covered.
Grease palms with ghee and make small balls of 1 inch diameter.
The mixture is very hot at this stage so be careful. I almost burnt my palms so came up with one more tip.
Take a small spoon and spoon out small portions from the big spoon separately on a plate. Let it cool for a minute and then shape the individual portions into ladoos.
Repeat the procedure. Dont keep the mixture for long as it hardens quickly.

I could make 29 small ladoos from 1/2 a cup of til.

If you find making ladoos difficult press the mixture on a plate. Cut into desired shapes and make chikkis.

Thanks a lot Shilpa.


  1. Bite size Til laddus, delicious. Enjoy! :))

  2. Ya they turned a little smaller as I was finding it too hot to handle.

  3. Hey Namrata.. I love Tila undo..We do not get good jaggery here.. Miss this so much.. they look really cute..Pop in the mouth kind..

  4. Thanks Ujwal...I used the ordinary jaggery for this.